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    I havent really played league for a long time, i started in about pre season 8 or so, maybe even later. But so far i see league as a part of my happiness booster in a way, i mean yeah it can be demoralising to lose and get demoted but sometimes when i feel extra down ill play a coop vs all game in league, the people there tend to not be as rage-y and i tend to always have a good time meeting new people in those games. I actually met a couple of friends on league in february and im still in touch with two of them. League for me is a game but also a place where i can meet people with the same interest in games as me. Its also a way to “hang out” with friends and ignore the cultural differences and the distances between us. Im a shy person in real life but in league im anonymous, i can talk to anyone without feeling any form of pressure, and that makes me feel confident with myself.

    My answer is a bit all over the place, i hope thats okay!