• MCR Gamer posted a comment on ?Car Wrapping 3 years ago

    ?Car Wrapping

    I have a Vauxall Astra – The idea of having some Mods, partial wrapping and PPF have crossed my mind but the costs are just abit too much.

    It’s a lot better than getting a entire new paint job that’s for sure!

    I think the mini will look good with little touches here and there but getting a full wrap may be a bit much!

  • Just to let you all know on the weekend I will be creating more Qutee pages based on blogging……. I can’t wait

  • ?Bloggers

    Has your audience expressed their thoughts on what they want to see you blog about?

  • ?Amazon Echo

    Amazon Echo is amazing but one thing I wish Amazon could add is a thing wear you could ask it to put the kitchen kettle on or ask it to turn on you’re phone or ask it to call someone and it would be really cool if you could connect it to a laptop or connect the Amazon Echo and Siri together and then they could like talk to one another. It would…[Read more]

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