• ?Satire and Political Correctness

    Keep up the good work lads, I think woke culture is gonna make people racist in the next 5 years. I’m 18 and don’t buy the whole pc bs and can see normal right wingers being radicalised to be racists.

    The woke left are winning in a sense (making people racist) and people just don’t realise it. Does my head in to see reasonable people drop off…

  • ?Your prediction for the 2020 US Election

    Hey Konstantin and Francis, fancy coming along to the “POC fringe” in Edinburgh in a couple weeks? It is so stunning and brave that “POC” don’t even need to pay the £15 ticket fee !

    (p.s. As I am Scottish and a tight bastard, I will be self identifying as a “POC” to get the most value for money)

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