• Jeff Icard posted a comment on ?HuzzyGamesResearch 11 months ago


    I personally watch your videos because for the most part you have a good understanding of the game and the champions in it, and your videos are relatively clean videos with chat that is not only acceptable for adults, but is also acceptable for kids most of the time. You don’t rely on cussing constantly and making a huge show out of your videos. You just play the game, teach people how things work, and try to stay positive. I watch your videos to try to learn champions more. After watching your Mundo game a good while back I decided to pick it up out of the blue after basically never playing it before. I climbed very quickly out of silver which was the highest I had ever placed. I ended up with an overall 60% winrate with him last season, and a 53% winrate in solo-Q. That was with 117 overall games and 70 solo-Q games which I was very happy with. He is one of the best CS champs I had, and he really fits my play-style of being a tank, but he can semi-carry games unlike some of the other tanks. That is what I feel like most people watching your videos want to get out of them is a way to improve themselves. If you provide videos that are entertaining, help your audience improve, and are clean videos then I think you will continue to get support. Thanks