• Jeffrey Foster posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 week, 2 days ago


    I haven’t been playing league for very long. I created my account back in 2014 and basically left it inactive for 4 years. In season 8 I started playing again and I have to say these reworks are very nice. I played Smite a lot during the 4 years I didnt play league and in comparison rework wise League is doing a much better job. Ad an example the Kayle rework. I played her before the rework and said I’m glad I didnt have to use a ton of blue essence on her because she was very clunky. You wanted attack speed, cdr and ap which basically forced you to rely on items that never gave you everything you wanted (except gnashors). Now she has item synergies that help herself and others. She has that actual late game carry feel where early you are weaker than a caster minion but if the enemy doesn’t shut you down by 20 minutes everyone needs to respect you. Another good example is the mini rework to urgot. Putting the shield on his e and making his w a toggle at max rank turned him from “oh this champ exists” to “oh, I should learn urgot”. Compare this to Smites reworks it is miles better. One of the most famous reworks for what was the developers thinking was Ratatoskr. When released he was weak practically useless outside of some niche gimmicks that were easily countered. First day of his rework everyone asked what were they thinking. His long range dash that did damage also slowed, a tick damage ability that had percent armor shred, a cone projectile ability that also stunned and a semi global ult that knocked up. All 4 of his abilities had huge base damage and scaling, his passive healed him for a percent of the damage he dealt and also lowered the cooldown of his dash. His kit was so bloated that people built nothing but defense on him had 200 plus armor and magic resist and 3k hp and could still one shot anyone in the game. So yes league had some questionable things with reworks *cough* akali stealth *cough* but at least Riot tuned her down right away. It was a month before Ratatoskr was nerfed and even then it took 8+ patches to get him into a semblance of balance. Riot is doing a great job and I cant wait for Fiddlesticks rework.