• Jerfy Derpy posted a comment on ?HuzzyU2DSeason7 2 years, 6 months ago


    Hey huzzy,

    Here are some things I am loving rn:

    1. Your new tint/lighting. It hurts my eyes less.
    2. Your constant switching of roles(top, jg, mid)
    3. your playstyle(different ivern build for example)
    4. I like the champs that you play; I own some of them and I can look up to you for a guide.

    1. Play more bot lane champs. I am a support main, and more support would be great, but adc as well to see how you synergize.
    2. more xerath in u2d would be great. I would like to see more of your “pocket pick”, as I also play xerath mid, and you are a great xerath. I also want to see how you use mana with midlaners in general.
    3. It would be great for some off meta picks for fun. If you think some champ would be great for off meta role, go for it. No hate, just for fun.

    Thanks for reading my suggestions and have a good day! :)