• ?Biggest thing holding you back in LoL

    Having limited and random time, and a low skill level at the beginning, I gravitated to ARAM where I fell in love. I haven’t done ranked this year as role ranked came out, furthering my decent into a (happy) ARAM casual. It isn’t any one issue that has lead to my being held back, but a compounding set of issues. Furthermore, silver is really toxic…[Read more]

  • ?FavouriteLoLMETA

    ARAM. I have always been okay at Summoner’s Rift, but ARAM is quick (good for my schedule) and less competitive (which is good for a computer that blue-screens once in a while).

  • ?What rating did you end Season 8


  • ?Questions for Riot Developers

    Will there be any changes (preferably a VGU) to Malphite soon? He is a champion that is almost to basic and can only do work with his ultimate (Unlike Annie with her utility and damage, Yi with fighting capabilities outside of ult, Garen with dualing and regen, ect.) making it difficult to enjoy other then maybe the 3 seconds after a good ult. He…[Read more]

  • ?Voice Chat in League

    Only for use with friends. I don’t want to be expected to commu5witb random people and specifically in a game known for toxicity. Another reason is that with text based chat Riot can see what is said, unlike with VC. Finally families are a big part of any VC conversation as they can come in at any time, saying things that may be very personal,…[Read more]

  • CrazyOstrage posted a comment on ?LoLRating 8 months ago


    I don’t have much time and I am not overly competitive. I finished promos at silver 4 which is pretty disheartening, and with that in each of my games if you make one mistake in silver people start flaming you. I have about 16 games in ranked and ARAM is just much more chill and manageable with my schedule.

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    Whatever you enjoy. It doesn’t matter if the champ is good if you don’t like them or aren’t good at them. Its still a game and you need to focus on just enjoying it.

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    Try to look for any good thing your team does (even if its just one kill) and force yourself to complement them. This helps you focus on the good and drowns out negativity while making them feel like they are doing well. Also, if you are really mad, try just typing the comment then erasing it, it sound weird but it does help and best of all your…[Read more]

  • ?Gaming and You

    Gaming allows for many people to escape life’s problems in a safe way. It is generally calmer and require less active attention then jobs or school. Playing with friends is also a great way to interact with others who might be geographically separated from you.

    All that being said, you must have good self control. Many people can spend too much…[Read more]

  • CrazyOstrage posted a comment on ?League Today 1 year ago

    ?League Today

    It seems to be more open to first timers/learners by introducing the new pings and simplifying many systems like the new runes, yet it hasn’t made veterans outcast as it continues to change champions, items, runes, to keep things fresh. This includes making many “outdated” champions or even popular champions more skill rewarding but not skill necessary.

  • ?Collecting Questions of the day!

    If you were a Riot employee what would the first thing be that you change in League?

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