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    ?Morality and Veganism

    Imagine an advanced extra terrestrial species discovers earth , they are vastly superior to us in , intellect , emotional bandwidth , consciousness etc. Vastly more complex than us in ways that we don’t have the capacity to even contemplate. We seem as complex to them as hens and sheep seem to us. This advanced species decide that we are an intergalactic delicacy and so they pickle us , boil us alive like lobsters , barbecue us in the parking lot of the intergalactic superbowl , eat us fresh sushi style , harvest females in milking parlours and take their children from them to be made anemic to tenderize their muscle for expensive eateries etc etc.

    Any protest or call to some kind of a violation of morality made by a human who eats meat in this scenario would just seem like obvious hypocrisy given their own justifications for their dietary choice. I think that the issue with debating with people who are happy to eat meat and support using animals in that way is almost never so much a problem of confronting a lack of some kind of kindness or morality in them but more like a lack of imagination and inability to have compassion for the less endowed species that are destined to be dinner.