• ?Satire and Political Correctness

    Thanks! It’s a tough question, but I think people such as yourselves at Triggernometry help a lot by just being plain reasonable, and – importantly – not falling into the trap of reacting in an overly combative way. Without failing, though, to call out bullshit where and where it is served up, and in no uncertain terms. You guys are leading the…

  • ?The future of the Labour Party

    I don’t think Labour has any where to go. They already have all of the woke metropolitan middle-classes in the big cities and university towns. There are no more of those to get on side. Labour are more popular with the younger voters, but then those tend not to bother to vote – and that’s something that has not changed much over many years. I see…

  • ?Satire and Political Correctness

    I think Andrew Doyle got it right. PC although it tended to get hi-jacked by some annoying people, was basically about extending the reach of basic civility in society to reflect society’s increasing diversity, and accomplished this goal, broadly speaking. Not perfectly, but then nothing and nobody is perfect. But then, as Douglas Murray explained…

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