• Jimmain posted a comment on ?Satire and Political Correctness 2 years, 4 months ago

    ?Satire and Political Correctness

    I think Andrew Doyle got it right. PC although it tended to get hi-jacked by some annoying people, was basically about extending the reach of basic civility in society to reflect society’s increasing diversity, and accomplished this goal, broadly speaking. Not perfectly, but then nothing and nobody is perfect. But then, as Douglas Murray explained so brilliantly, that train just kept on going, and even picked up speed. This at a time when society had reached a workable level of equality, inclusion etc. Now, what was an acceptable amount of PC has morphed into a much bigger thing – the woke orthodoxy – which is cult-like, vindictive in the extreme, capable of broaching no discussion let alone argument, and put forward by small but unfailingly privileged and well-connected elites, who hold all the power in education/media/arts and virtually any medium to large organisation. Further to that, it impacts negatively on all of the groups it purports to help, in different ways, which points to the glaring fact that it is really just about the woke need for virtue-signalling, and separating themselves from the principal object of their hatred ie non-woke white people, very closely followed by members of non-white, or non-hetero groups who have the temerity not to go along with their bullshit.