• joe creasey posted a comment on ?Insomnia i60 2 years, 8 months ago

    ?Insomnia i60

    So lets talk about this event, Europe’s biggest gaming event. where you will find games, tech, music, chances to win money and a hell of a lot more.

    So let me start this of by asking everyone a question, are you going to the event? and if so who/what/why are you going?

    i myself have never been to one of these events but would like to hear what you guys/girls have to say about, events like this?

    if you was a first time attendant what would you look out for?

    but on the other hand, if you cant go, what would you like to see from content creators? would you like 360 tours of the events? vlogs? little update videos about tech?

    is there anything you would like to see, that you cant because you wont be there? let me know.