• joe creasey posted a comment on ?STUCK ON AN ISLAND 2 years, 3 months ago



    This is a funny question me and my friends have always had a laugh and a joke about!.

    let me know who you would pick?

    my picks would be

    Bear Grylls: as you know i want to be able to live as long as possible, and im going to be honest, i cant cook or anything along them lines so he would be the first choice.

    Casey Neistat : for the fact he would make a sick ass video out of this, and it would more then likely if we ever got back to land, make alot of money! also he seems to be really good at making stuff, who knows we could even start a new city there lol

    Nikki Sixx: no reason apart from he could tell me about all the cool stuff, that went on in the 70’s 80’s to do with motley crue and all the rock n roll stuff!

    Mine are kinda weird who are yours?