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    gaming today?

    since 1996/97 when i first got my playstaion1, i have been hooked on gaming, when kids were going out to there friends birthday party, or going to ball pits, i would be indoors on my beanbag playing games like tomb raider, casper, rayman, mainly because they came free with the console, but i feel in love with gaming in general, didn’t matter what game type, i would play it.!

    the state of gaming today for consoles is in a bad place alot of repetitive games pushed out as fast as possible with little to no improvements, call of duty is the prime example, i haven’t played the new one so i can’t comment on that, but the last 3 years before that saw jetpacks, introduction of wall running, and new weird movement styles, when all the people/buyers/gamers wanted was a simple game with no jetpacks. but it still took 3 years to get to this point now!

    there is also a huge issue with micro transactions, fifa being the prime example, having to spend hundreds, if not thousands on this game to get the best players which then allow you to compete with the rest of the people with super teams,
    if you are good at the game you should be able to beat people with super teams, even if you don’t have one yourself. but the current state of fifa really doesn’t allow that unless your a pro player.

    so maybe they have changed fifa to be more Esports friendly then for the average game player?

    But there is hope for gaming, and I’m afraid it comes in the form of a good gaming pc, since i got my first gaming pc, i have used my consoles less and less, and even now to the point i have sold all my consoles and only have a pc now!

    pc gaming in general is amazing, sure it takes time to get used to using a mouse and keyboard which you don’t have to do with all games, as you can use an xbox or playstation control with most games.

    but what makes the pc so great is the ability to go on steam pick up an indie game that not many people have herd of. not worry about severs getting fully packed up and just enjoying the game for what it is, cheep, fun.

    you also have the chance to play free games, like LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, SMITE, DOTA.
    these games are free and give hours and hours of fun, for me I’m a league of legends fan, the fun i get from playing that game is amazing, i have played it for 4 years now i think, and i haven’t had to spend a penny, to play the game.

    you also get your big time games, like csgo, playing unknown, h1z1 and all your big titles from console, so you don’t loose out on not having a console.

    i feel gaming on the pc is in a really good place, everything seems like its going the right way, where i feel console gaming is going down the drain, not even coming from xbox, or sony, to really keep up with the pc,

    some will say they are trying to keep it cheeper then buying a pc, but you would spend 500 pound for the new xbox and you would be able to get an enter level pc for that, so unless they find a way, of really boosting the games that are getting made, or find a way to keep up with the pc but making the console stay the same price. i don’t see a way console gaming will ever get back to the top.!

    get a pc.