• ?Call Of Duty: WWII

    Looks like an amazing game, I hope we get a couple of new game modes and ability to do co-op missions with 3 other players on your team that would be cool.

  • Jo posted a comment on ?Drones 2 years, 10 months ago


    Drones are cool gadgets and have a number of practical uses like military observations, drones are so easy to fly because they virtually fly themselves.

  • ?What’s your internet speed

    My internet is worse than free mc donalds wifi

  • ?Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+

    I have to the camera on this phone is amazing in my opinion this is just as good as the iphone 7 if not better.

  • ?The Ultimate Live Streaming Den!

    I think alex needs to make a little floating stair case going up to the live streaming room, mount planks of wood to the wall but some how hide the brackets so it apears to be floating from the wall.

  • ?Car Wrapping

    In my opinion i dont think its worth wrapping, the car looks assome enough how it is already, also wrapping it might make it loose value when you come to sell it.

  • Jo posted a comment on ?GoPro 2 years, 10 months ago


    Mounting a Gopro on a motorcycle helmet can be a big problem as when you reach higher speeds you get alot of drag so it feels like your helmet is being ripped off your head past 70mph, I would recommend mounting it on the front of the helmet just below the visor in line with your chin rather than ontop of the helmet as you would recieve alot of…[Read more]

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