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    ?Morality and Veganism

    There are also several issues in the interview regarding farming that I did feel were not fairly addressed.

    During his interview Alex seemed to give the impression that there are no animal welfare regulations governing livestock agriculture in the United Kingdom. This is very misleading. On the Department for Environment Food And Rural Affairs (DEFRA) their website contain extensive rules, regulations and husbandry guidelines governing the welfare of farm animals. These are also regularly reviewed and updated.


    This includes the overarching 2006 Animal Welfare Act.


    I also feel that the constant use of the word Factory Farm is a bit of a sweeping generalisation.

    You could argue that crop agriculture is factory farming because you tend to be using a monoculture of heavily genetically modified organisms. One reason for this is that we’ve had to modify by breeding (domesticate) most fruit and vegetables is because in many cases their wild counterparts would poisonous us.

    Moreover, animal agriculture in the UK (and many other countries) may not be considered factory farming. Even within the same sector of animal agriculture, for example pig production, there is a big difference between the various methods being used. Yes, pigs can be intensively farmed for their meat but they can also be farmed by free range methods.

    Further, sheep farming does not use any form of intensive farming methods. In the time I have worked with sheep we have brought them inside to a barn at times of lambing. In other occasions they are grazing the land.

    However, Alex was correct to point out that the British poultry industry is split into two main sectors: egg laying hens and poultry bred for meat. However, his comments regarding the killing of day old male chicks in the egg laying sector was incorrect.

    The animal rights industry have for a long time maintain that male chicks from the egg laying industry are killed by placing them into a macerator and Alex reiterated these allegations. This has been vehemently denied by the British Egg Industry Council the trade organisation that overlooks this industry.

    “…But a BEIS (British Egg Industry Council) spokesman insisted male chicks are never killed by macerators. “All plants have to have macerator by law but they aren’t used for culling,” he said. “They are always humanely gassed.”…”


    Moreover, these chicks do have a net worth. These animals are made available to the exotic pet keeping community and zoological collections to feed animals such as reptiles, small mammals and birds of prey.

    Finally, I would also refute the idea that the vast majority of animals in agriculture are constantly tortured and suffering. In any animal keeping enterprise (or any business for that matter) there might be bad practice but this doesn’t represent the vast majority of people within the industry. Many farmers I have known (or worked with) appear to be very aware of their obligations towards the welfare of their animals and treat them well Animal welfare Advice and guidance on protecting animal welfare on farms, in transport, at markets and at slaughter.