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    ?Gun Control USA

    Keep up old chap, if you had taken the time to read what I said instead of frothing at the mouth you would have comprehended that I said; that violent crime and firearm murder rates have been on the decline in Austrailia and in the US, and at similar rates for over 20 years. I’ll pitch this factual chart: http://www.aic.gov.au/media_library/publications/facts/2008/figure_12.png from the Australian Govt Institution of Criminology and this report: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/figures/m6227a1f2.gif from the CDC as just some of the supporting statistics. That’s ‘where the hell I’m getting my information from’ Actually if you look, murder rates in the US are actually dropping far faster than Australia. You are living in the US right? You’re not some bloviating European Jonny are you?