• ?FIFA 20 Goalkeepers

    I thin they should be realistic, and actually perform like they do in real life, so certain actions that they do eg save with legs more than hands. This will make all the top class goalies similar and allow variety in teams.

  • ?FIFA 20 State of the Servers

    I find that the delay is certainly a problem, but button input and reactions from my players are horrendous. On average, I would say it took my player 1-2 seconds to react and that makes it impossible to get anywhere near my opponents box. Worse of all, my opponent played as if there were none and I could not do anything. Please let me know if…

  • ?FIFA 20

    As a Fifa player since Fifa 14, I feel like this year especially they have made some major improvements to the game, and taken some real steps forward in terms of gameplay reliability. I am a good Fifa player, normally in Division 4 and finish gold 3 comfortably after 24 games roughly. I have struggled in the past with the mechanics and how…

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