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    ?FIFA 20

    As a Fifa player since Fifa 14, I feel like this year especially they have made some major improvements to the game, and taken some real steps forward in terms of gameplay reliability. I am a good Fifa player, normally in Division 4 and finish gold 3 comfortably after 24 games roughly. I have struggled in the past with the mechanics and how they were ‘artificial’ in a sense where players were not responding correctly and how gameplay was not realistic. I think that this Fifa has therefore completely contradicted the path the two previous Fifa’s were leading us in, and I am all for that.
    On the other hand, I am not going to sit here and say the game is perfect, in fact it is . far from it, but I will give praise where it is deserved. The main problem for me at the moment is the goalkeepers as they feel almost powerless in 1 on 1’s, whereas when shooting from further than 10 yards they feel slightly too good, when they catch it that is! Parrying is a minor issue which I am seeing less of as I play the game more, but is still there but I think only needs to be addressed in the first major patch. (I feel I will see a lot of this as I scroll through the comments!) Keeper movement is much more just and I like they have toned it down.
    Defending is much more accessible for more players and as time goes on, I feel it will be a good addition. The system makes sense to me and I like it. Player switching as well is alright for me however sometimes I’m like “Why not to him!”. Finally, skill moves are in a better spot, with nothing standing out for me, so I am happy with where that is.
    Thanks for reading, and please rebuttal my points as I would love to discuss the game!