• JuusoJarviniemi posted a comment on ?Brexit & International Students 11 months, 1 week ago

    ?Brexit & International Students

    European countries are competing for talented young people. The UK has a natural advantage in that students have no language barrier here, but that’s not enough to overcome the negative impacts of Brexit. Ireland and the Netherlands, among others, are more than viable options for students who would otherwise have considered going to the UK.

    The exorbitant international student fees don’t attract the kind of people who would stay in the country after their degree to build a home and pay taxes. One big reason why I chose to come to the UK from Finland was the fact that I got to study for free in Scotland. If I had been asked to pay thousands of pounds a year, I would have gone to the Netherlands or stayed in Finland.

    Looking further into the future, there’s no reason why I couldn’t stay in the UK after my degree – except for the fact that I don’t want to live outside the EU, and that I would have to give up on rights that I have so far been able to take for granted. If Brexit happens, the UK may well lose an upstanding citizen and a lucrative taxpayer in me.