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    ?How To Improve FIFA

    more buyable packs, e.g. 2 – 6 79 rated players or above or something like that. also try and add lots of new leagues e.g. the kazakhstan premier league or other unusual leagues, (to make up for the russian league going away). also a endless career mode e.g. you never retire. and a team of the month would be pretty cool, like it could be black and white cards for the team of the month. basically the same as the totw but it is monthly. also there should be a feature where when you open ANY pack, (including bronze and silver), you might get redeemable fifa points and players, e.g. a redeemable 83 rated player, 3 76+ rated players, etc. for silver it could be a random silver special card. for bronze you could have a chance of getting 2 random bronze special cards or 1 silver special card etc. I would love all of this in the next fifa.

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