Love my ps4 pro, got it last year before Christmas and have yet to regret the money I spent on it. ITS AWESOME! So much smoother than an xbox. As long as Im able to decide for myself, I refuse to return to the xbox. But Sony, I recommend you releasing certain games on the ps4 like a ps4 version of the Yugioh Tag Force games along with a ps4…

  • ?Nintendo Switch

    The Switch needs more games, like Kingdom Hearts and the Batman Arkham series. And their latest pokemon game releases are terrible, you do not remove the random encounter from pokemon and still expect it to be pokemon. Ridiculous! Not to mention there are actually pieces within the Switch console that get dust or sand on em and you have to replace…

  • ?The Price of Gaming

    Im trying my best to usually spend between 25-30 dollars on games, I just dont see the point of spending 60+ on them. It might help if the preorder dlc would be better for some games, specifically Spider-Man for the ps4.

  • Trying to do a few papers arguing for video games but I am having trouble finding the right articles, those that are practically screaming I can use these. This is all for my English 100 class.

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