• Kieran Max Willetts posted a reply to Huzzy on ?LoLTeamFightTactics 2 weeks, 1 day ago


    I like the idea of it, I’ve always been more into the backbone of league and more into the strategy behind the game, planning what to do pre/in game before it happens what I wanna do and how I will execute it, so I definitely will be giving it a try it seems really interesting given I enjoy the art style too so what’s not to enjoy, however 1 thing I have struggles with coming to terms with is how much content they’re pushing out for it already, stating they will release ranked for TFT in the next patch and working primarily on bug fixes/changes on TFT on release, I feel like they should wait a bit to see how the player base reacts and the feedback they get, rather than chuck out a lot of content for a game mode that might not be popular. That being said I think it’s a great new refreshing idea to league and I am thoroughly exited to give it a try. :)