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    ?FIFA 20 State of the Servers

    Ea just aren’t compensating for the huge server delay in any way, it seems to me that they constantly just try to avoid this question of ‘can you fix the servers?. in rivals although i get a 5 bar connection that’s great add as many bars as you want but just let us now a ms response time before each game with you and the opponent to see if your getting the best connection because at this point we hope before each and every game that it is smooth gameplay not slow gameplay. Even though this 5 bar connection comes up that only provides us with information about the game if it will lag or not.

    Im in Australia and probably one in every 10-15 games i get A good responsive game and it just isn’t good enough for us to enjoy the game each and everyday I’m surprised I haven’t quit the only reason I haven’t is because i have a good team that I like using but still this delay makes me annoyed at the players because the delay is just screwing up my players.

    Each update the game feels to be getting worse and worse or it feels. Like I’m getting worse and worse because I’m struggling to do what i usually do with succession. I don’t think its the updates that make the response worse i think its the amount of players that are on at a time because i tend to get much better gameplay at night when more people are off in bed or whatever.

    I personally think that they need to upgrade their severs or at least get more than they have now in multiple countries so that more people are experiencing better gameplay