• Kirke Kuimet posted a comment on ?What video games do you play? 1 year, 8 months ago

    ?What video games do you play?

    I play only League. I once tried Overwatch – my friend couldn’t stop laughing at me because I was so bad so I didn’t play it anymore. I also tried PUBG – I looted two medium sized houses for 5 minutes and I got scared when I heard someones steps in the next house (I’m 100% sure those steps weren’t mine) and my friend couldn’t stop facepalming. Also my mouse and different keyboard settings (in LoL you use Q, W, E and R mostly, but in OW and PUBG W, A, S and D) were such a hard thing to understand. I tried HOTS – I did one “intoduction game” but I found it boring and too childish???? so I never played it again. I would love to play Overwatch and PUBG but is so goddamn hard. If anyone has some tips then feel free to leave me a answer!