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    ?Online Trolling and Impact on Women

    Haven’t had much issue with trolling probably because I keep a low profile online with social media, mostly to avoid trolls and to protect my family. Most of my experience with trolls has been politically related and from – surprisingly – people I thought better of. Who I then unfriended. As for body shaming, most of what I have experienced has come from other women, not from men. Women can be brutal. I am in a technical field, the only woman on a team of men including former military, and have always felt respected and appreciated. I feel lucky. I am not sure this is the norm, and I do not discount the experiences of others. I was sexually assaulted at work many years ago in a different job, and I will never forget the humiliation of that. Especially because when I reported it, the investigation dismissed my claim because it was my word agains his and because I didn’t report it immediately. I was also told to stop being “such a tease.” So “if” it did happen, it was all my fault. Of course.