• ?Internet Speeds

    221/23 Virgin Media

  • ?GoPro

    It got busted when my bike was chained up outside Selfridges Oxford Street; I think someone tried to steal it.. (the mount.. not the bike.!)..

  • lahoof posted a comment on ?Vaping 2 years, 9 months ago


    No. I was smoking 20 cigarettes each and every day and since I quit tobacco products totally and switched to vaping my health and energy levels have been nothing shout of miraculous. It is, of course, better not to smoke or vape but vaping is the lesser of the two evils by a considerable margin. I have never met a person who was introduced to…[Read more]

  • ?What’s your internet speed

    Around 17 up and 205 down. I am with Virgin Media in London.

  • ?Lewis Hamilton

    Lewis may not be my favourite Brit but at least he is a Brit. As they so often say.. “beggars can’t be choosers”. We didn’t exactly have British F1 drivers queuing-up to race and win.! I think that he’s a good man who deserves success and my own opinion is that he could win the championship again this year. Just one moan; it would’ve been nice to…[Read more]

  • ?Jeremy Corbyn

    I feel so sorry for Jeremy Corbyn. He is a good man who puts Britain before serving his own interests, This is virtually unheard of in British politics at the moment. With May (potentially) heading up the team to negotiate the terms of Brexit I am certain that May (and the Bullingdon Boy’s Club front benchers) will be pandering to the lobbying…[Read more]

  • ?Donald Trump

    He would certainly like to.! In fairness, he is not doing anything too far removed from what he was saying that he was going to do back when he was campaigning. I do believe, unfortunately, that he is damaging brand America. Characters like Trump tend to bulldoze their way through without consequences using a rancid combination or bullying and…[Read more]

  • ?Exploding Galaxy Note 7

    I have had a Note 7 since it was launched. I swapped the hand set for a revised model when Samsung upgraded the battery spec with my phone now sporting the green coloured battery icon which denotes that the handset is a revised unit. Many media outlets wrongly stated that the handsets were exploding; this is not strictly true. The batteries were…[Read more]

  • ?Car Wrapping

    I’ve spoken to a few people (in the car trade) about wraps who have advised me that wraps do not damage the original paintwork at all provided it’s applied properly. They are the best way to refresh your car or go for a design/colour that you wouldn’t usually have the courage to go for.! When you’re ready you just get it taken off and no one would…[Read more]

  • lahoof posted a comment on ?GoPro 2 years, 9 months ago


    The jaws Flex Clamp is ultra useful for shooting on or around my desk. If I could only have one mount it’d probably be this one.

  • lahoof posted a comment on ?GoPro 2 years, 9 months ago


    The Pro Handlebar mount is just the ticket for my bikealthough mine is now busted which sucks.

  • ?Slickwraps

    That’ll be “mummy” from the horror series ’cause everybody loves their mom.. ;-)

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