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    ?The Housing crisis

    Very interesting podcast. This guest is tackling a crucial issue with knowledge and intelligence.

    If we don’t get the next generation on board we are failing them and putting the health of the nation at risk. You can hardly blame young people supporting reciprocal freedom of movement when in their own country they are on the outside looking in.

    Regarding the poor quality of modern housing, in addition to the reasons he gave, I would also add that standards have dropped over the years. 60 years ago labour was cheap and materials were expensive; this has inverted now, meaning tradesmen are under pressure to work fast to justify their rate. Nowadays a good builder=a fast builder – that’s the dominant yardstick by which they are judged (and employed). The poor standards not necessarily the tradesman’s fault. It’s just the modern housebuilding culture that has moulded them this way.

    Regarding the immigration angle, he didn’t sound like he believed what he was saying. Of course net migration of 200k per annum is a major factor, and we all know it. Yes, building more houses would increase supply, but by the same token reducing immigration would reduce demand. And yet only one of those strategies can be mentioned in polite society. I understand, it’s such a toxic cortex that I don’t blame any public figure steering well clear, if only for self preservation. I would do the same.

    In summary, I really appreciate this writer shedding daylight in this ongoing problem that blights the plans of our children. Let’s hope those in power tackle all the reasons for the housing shortage, including those laid out in this book.

    Excellent podcast boys 👍