• Laura Gough posted a comment on ?Montezuma Megaways 1 week, 4 days ago

    ?Montezuma Megaways

    I’m a mahoosive fan of the original Monte. I’ve had some of my biggest wins there and that elusive x10 just get out. A heartskip everytime you see that little yellow number spin past… So Monte Megaways had a hell of a lot to live up to for me… And it has Smashed it. Like seriously the ball has sailed out of the park, past the stadium and into a different city. It’s fresh and fun, dynamic super colourful. I adore the retriggered being based around the multiplier and lurrrve that little second chance thingiemabob. I guinely thought that you could reach no higher than the original. I thought you were stretching. I was even scared for you guys at one point. But I have played it myself and watched streamers play it for hours and I’m still not bored. Trust me it’s no easy thing to keep me entertained and coming back for more. I am purely addicted to this game… BTW before anyone starts throwing ga flyers at me, I mean addicted in the good way. Not the naughty way. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication you all can sleep soundly know your on your way to stardom. All the loves. A super happy slotter.