• ?Game of Thrones

    So eager to watch season 7 and interested to see whether they end it with the shorter series or include a movie to end it

  • LeonHeaney posted an update 2 years ago

    I feel at the moment that this could be a potential site for a lot of interaction and debates on stuff we feel passionate about, but is not mobile enough for it to currently be something bigger. The major issue i find with this site is i am very much forced to using this app when i have the time at home. If there were to be a app i feel this site…[Read more]

  • ?Amazon Echo

    i feel though if it was to have different voices it would lose the concept of the Alexa we are common with

  • ?Amazon Echo

    Hi Alex. I have been planning to get an amazon alexa for a while but haven’t been too sure whether i should prioritize a DSLR or the echo with the money i have saved up for a good while now (as im only 15 years of age). The echo has ups and down but the main thing that came to my attention was the ability with a hue smart bridge to turn on and off…[Read more]

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