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    ?Newcastle United F.C.

    I’ve never really been a football fan and nor was anyone within my immediate family. That changed about twelve years ago when my father, aged in his late fifties at that time made a new friend and this guy had a pair of season tickets for The Toon Army. Next thing I know, the friend had taken my father to his first game and he was now a football fan. Soon my father wanted to have his own pair of season tickets, this is typical of my father and that is just what happened. For three seasons, perhaps four now that I think about it, the pair of tickets would rotate between my father, elder brother and myself, and occasionally other members of the inner circle would go along with my father. My Family is from Darlington but I lived and worked in Newcastle and there were times when it was a midweek game so then I would have the tickets and I would take my wife, one such time was the first home game of 2012 when NUFC put 3 past Man U. I still remember the look on her face when Yohan Cabaye came within a few meters of us to take a corner kick, and how her eyes were fixed on the little Frenchman as she asked me who he was.
    I saw plenty of draws and defeats, probably way more than wins, it was not their best of years I saw and those don’t stick in my mind but the most memorable goal I saw was in the dying seconds of the only game I saw together with just my brother. It was December 11th 2010, against Liverpool, I just had to look up the details my memory for dates is not that great. Our seats were over to the right corner of the Gallowgate end, the score was 2-1 and it was into extra time, I remember Andy Caroll being almost alone in their entire half, close to their box but not close enough to bother Reina. The crowd was quiet as if waiting for the final whistle, I don’t know what came over me I just shouted “SHOOT!” I don’t know if he heard me or if I was the single voice from the crowd, I would like to think that I was both of those things. As he put the ball in the back of the net my brother and I embraced and bounced around with the Toon part of the fifty thousand crowd.
    A week ago I watched an interview from Triggernometry, Dr Mike Martin. One of the things he said was how togetherness within crowds at events such as football matches has an effect on the body, we can get a tingle up our spine when we all come together in those moments, and how some people will feel it stronger than others and those people crave that. I am pretty sure I never felt that, not as part of any crowd or group and I would put that down to my genetics, and say that is why my family aren’t really into any sport. My brother and I do love music, I have been to plenty of live performances and those never gave me that feeling. I have gotten off track here and looking at this empty NUFC thread I doubt that this is ever going to be read or stimulate any response so I am going to leave it here. Thanks for reading to the end, if you actually have.