• Logan Casali posted a comment on ?YourLeagueHotTake 3 days, 21 hours ago


    This is my take on jungling, since I am a jungle main. I don’t like it how i will get blamed for my teammates losing lane. I can understand if I don’t gank and they lose because say my mid laner’s opponent gets jungle pressure, but I can’t help it if my laners lose lane by themselves and then complain “jg difference”. It really irritates me that the blame of a lost game be pinned on the jungler, especially if all lanes fed and there was nothign i could really do if a lane fed so much. It’s my job to help my laners get ahead and win, but I can’t do that if they are feeding so much that we will lose a 2v1 in top or mid or a 3v2 in bot lane.