• ?Morality and Veganism

    Ethical vegans strongly believe that all creatures have the right to life and freedom.

    Therefore, they oppose ending a conscious being’s life simply to consume its flesh, drink its milk, or wear its skin — especially because alternatives are available.

    Ethical vegans are also opposed to the psychological and physical stress that animals may…

  • ?UK Government Covid Response

    Thanks for setting this up!

  • ?UK Government Covid Response

    A mixed bag. They were too slow to respond and they failed to protect the most vulnerable in hospitals and care homes, but so did every other nation in Europe. On the vaccines they excelled.

  • ?CapgunTom Fan Feedback and Ideas

    Love all the channels Tom and been following you for a few years. More lifestyle vlogs would be cool!

  • ?Black Lives Matter

    Very insightful from a black american intellectual viewpoint.

    Bret Weinstein’s DarkHorse Podcast – Black Intellectual Roundtable A special roundtable edition of Bret Weinstein’s DarkHorse podcast. Glenn C. Loury is Merton P. Stoltz Professor of Economics at Brown University. He holds t…

  • ?Morality and Veganism

    As someone within an atypical notthern
    English diet who transitioned to plant based at the age of 51 with ease all J can say is that i do feel a lot better not just physically but morally that nothing is going through the terror of death to sustain me. Our understanding of the animal intelligence and emotion is only just starting to develop and…

  • Lord Lukan posted a comment on ?GDC 2 years, 4 months ago


    After attending ICE my main piece of advice would be set up meets before hand have your pitch down to 5 minutes. Otherwise go gangbusters and hustle as many buisness cards as you can and follow up a few days after the show ends.

  • ?Digital Consumer Intelligence

    The key issues are being brands actually connecting with their passionate consumer base and collecting valuable insights, are their listening insights really strategically relevant and valid due to noise, sentiment inaccuracy and time for in-depth analysis ?

  • ?2020 Predictions

    Hard brexit uncertainty over, china /US back on track and Trump will win. The only variable is oil in my opinion and Iran is in no position to do anything.

  • ?Future of McLaren

    Customer service as this level is of utmost importance so seems remarkable they are acting in this way.

  • ?Future of McLaren

    Tbh if your buying a car for the price of a mansion you would expect the quality control and testing to have been beyond doubt. On the other hand Volvo are recalling tens of thousands of cars for fire issues.

  • The US can strategically afford to tip Germany / EU / China into recession knowing full well it has more resilience and will recover quicker. Considering the external pressures on those two blocks a short sharp shock recession could give the US an even increased economic advantage.

  • ?Brexit have your say

    In my opinion May has had an impossible job. We have 1/3 of the country and parliament either willing to crash out, accept a NI no backstop deal or wanting a second referendum.

    How can we ever get a majority for a deal?

    A second referendum is the only answer.

  • ?FIFA 19

    Agreed still getting used to the skill bar otherwise a bug improvement on 18!

  • ?Dying ex RAF Mum Denied pension for kids

    What crazy jobsworth can do this to a family under these circumstances ? Disgraceful.

  • The Benefits of Left-Side Sleeping Today’s “Really?” column explores why sleeping on your left side eases heartburn pain.

  • ?Belize – The Most Popular Destinations in Central America

    Incredible place, spent time a few years back at Tobacco Caye. Much prefer it to any Carribbean spot.

  • ?Freemium Model

    Making “Freemium” Work Many start-ups fail to recognize the challenges of this popular business model.

  • ?Freemium Model

    5 Ways to Convert Loyal Freemium & Trial Users Into Happy Paying Customers 5 ways for SaaS companies to increase conversions from a freemium or Saas trial user into a paid plan.

  • ?Freemium Model

    5 Tips To Transition From A Free To A Paid Service Editor’s Note: This post is written by Dave Schappell, Founder and CEO of TeachStreet. In it, he talks about his company’s transition from a free to a paid service, and shares five tips that may help other startups make the leap as well.


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