• Magnus Bane posted a reply to Denver on ?Morality and Veganism 1 month, 1 week ago

    ?Morality and Veganism

    Interesting. Whilst I have to agree that the appeal to nature fallacy that often parades as an argument in these conversations is extremely weak, I have to say I think yours is weaker.
    To say that vegans view animals as having equal moral worth is a straw man. This opinion is held by very few vegans. There is a huge difference between thinking that animals don’t have the same moral worth as humans and thinking that this makes it acceptable to slit their throats, gas them, cage them, artificially impregnate them only to kill their young and take their milk for the sake of sensory pleasure.
    I also have to ask you if you would do the same with a baby or child of up to three years, or someone with severe mental disabilities. If you truly think that sentience and capacity for pain “do not cut it” would you be willing to do these things to humans who do not have “long term reasoning”, “an understanding of their own mortality” (as pigs do, by the way), or the capacity for “deeply emotional relationships”?
    I once held this view of yours, so I do sympathise somewhat. But I have to say, from my eyes now, I can see that this is an inconsistent argument.
    Having said that, I appreciate your politeness in this dialogue. It is a quality that seems to be missing from a lot of people who disagree on this topic. Perhaps I fall into that category a little, my apologies if so.