• ?FIFA 20 Pace of the Game

    In my opinion the game is way too slow paced, the 1 depth drop back is so frustrating to play against and there is nothing you can do to “counter” it too much.

    I’d like to see the game with the pace of for example ” FIFA Street ” back in the days.
    Back in FIFA 14 I was able to play multiple games in a row – nowadays I can’t enjoy the game anymore sadly..

  • ?FIFA 20 Defending Mechanics

    So in my opinion the defending got better compared to FIFA 19 yet not as good as it used to be..

    I don’t like the way the AI takes over everything this year, I like the older versions where I had more freedom to defend on my own.

    I’m out of possession so often after tackling but I think it’s cuz of me tackling wrong angles and tackling at the…

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