• mat posted a comment on ?Team Of The Rip Offs… Again! 8 months ago

    ?Team Of The Rip Offs… Again!

    I think TOTY this year was the best year of TOTY if you had a hell of a lot of money in the bank because if you can afford the packs there was the highest chance of packing a 99 rated player ever and there was a lot of new players featured in the TOTY final squad. But with that being said not many people have a ton of money to just go spending on something that they might not get rewarded by. Something i did like though was the community got to vote on a 12th player for TOTY which made it feel like we were a big part of the whole campaign. Overall i would if Fifa points were cheaper and packs had higher odds and lower prices i would 100% start to actually put fair bit of money into the game.