• ?Batman v Superman: DOJ

    Could have been produced better. It didn’t have a lot of what I was expecting from previous gen batman and superman movies.

  • ?Anwar Ibrahim

    His arrests are far too politically motivated. His day will come once public outrage hits a peak.

  • ?Panama Papers Leak

    People have said for years the system is rigged to benefit the rich but now there’s this damning leak that can’t be ignored. Payroll workers across the developed world are paying 20% or more income tax with only a limited number of ways to avoid it (undeclared income from winnings or contractor income for example) while the rich and powerful…

  • ?EquitiesLab

    Maybe I’m not seeing it but is there something on the graphs that indicates if dividends are being reinvested?

  • ?Apple Open Letter

    My iPhone is more than just a phone, it’s an extension of my thoughts, personality, preferences, etc. The government could spy on a whole new level if given this back door access. This is getting too personal.

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