• ?Drones Marzbar Discussion

    I do really like the DJI Phantom 4 it’s amazing thoug the camera could be better it’s a real nice drone not that I have the cash for it but I do like it

  • ?MarzBar’s Office

    Id think the gaming room must have Xbox PlayStation and PC that would be epic

  • MaxYaBoi posted a comment on ?Drones 3 years ago


    Well the shots you can make with em’ are amazing and especially you can make and edit em’ real nice

  • MaxYaBoi posted a comment on ?Car Wrapping 3 years ago

    ?Car Wrapping

    I’d like matte most likely matte black and if I was you I would rap/color the rims and maybe give the back windows a little tint + plus the PPF cause I guess you don’t want any scratches.

  • MaxYaBoi posted a comment on ?GoPro 3 years ago


    My favorite mount is the harness because I do free-running and want to record it right now I can’t because I do not own a GoPro. I’d love to win it.

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