• mdk77 posted a comment on ?Brexit 1 year, 11 months ago


    The divorce bill for Brexit will far outweigh any benefit. We’re already seeing it with currency fluctuation, decreasing property values, and a fleeing EU workforce.

  • ?Gun Control USA

    I hate to be the one to say it, but, conservative politicians are not going to take much action after the student protest. They’ve successfully avoided gun control measures, and in some cases, even legitimate debate on the topic and simply cite their solid support of the 2nd amendment. Any conservative that even hears the other side of the…[Read more]

  • ?EA Microtransactions

    EA’s greed has gone too far. Time to boycott!

  • ?Catalan Referendum

    On Monday Catalan leaders will officially announce independence. Spanish troops are being sent in for the event. The police violence we saw during the vote is about to compound with the military. The outcome doesn’t look good for Catalonia.

  • ?Las Vegas Shooting

    We have to ask ourselves: Is it reasonable for a gun control law to limit how many firearms can be purchased in a given year? The man bought ~30 guns in the past year alone! I know it only takes one to do severe damage, but a reasonable limit can at least curb massive personal arsenals.

  • ?Game of Thrones

    I’m not surprised Theon jumped ship. The torment he endured at Winterfell has left him broken and timid beyond repair.

  • ?Affordable Care Act

    Does the Republican bill help reduce overall healthcare costs to the consumer? No. Does it make cuts in funding and give tax breaks to the rich? Yes. How is this acceptable? Send it back.

  • ?Chris Cornell

    His solo work was good, but I always appreciated him more as the frontman for audioslave or soundgarden. My vote for best song is Like a stone.

  • ?GamTec – Gaming & Tech News

    I anticipate the Switch being a flop compared to the glory days of Wii. It’s cool but doesn’t strike me as being all that special.

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