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    Reworks in League offer similar modernisation and diversity opportunities that new champions do, and so are integral to the game’s lifespan. With 140+ champs in the game, it’s clear that Riot can’t squeeze many more into the list before it becomes a an uncontrollable fiesta, and so as League grows more over time, so will the amounts of reworks.

    I think champion reworks are a fantastic concept; with League having champions being a decade old, balance between the old and new is key, and ensuring that all the game’s content is maximised is fundamental. This allows for more new, interesting ways to play the game, but still maintains the ideology of a stable meta that players won’t feel neglected for, should they play a champion that isn’t fit for a modern day meta due to its age, kit concept etc.

    It’s also apparent that reworks are usually effective: champions like Mordekaiser, Irelia and Warwick are great examples in maintaining the concept of champions that players seek and enjoy, but give them relevance and importance in game today. A game like League is fast paced: with item builds, buffs and nerfs, and, hell, even champions (both reworked and new) constantly changing playstyle, reworks offer more opportunities to help players adapt, evolve and progress further.

    Do I think it is faultless? No. Is it all wind chimes and sunny skies? Far from it. Riot should look to do more with the community with reworks early on: ironing out mistakes in the earliest redevelopment phases is key; a solid foundation in reworks, be it lore, kit etc. that the community is looking forward to paves the way to success. Reworks should be a problem for both Riot and the community to tackle together. If Riot tries to solo the concepts and it doesn’t work, interest for champs and the game itself could fall off faster than a mid-game Pantheon.