• Moa Wirde posted a comment on ?Digital Consumer Intelligence 1 year, 8 months ago

    ?Digital Consumer Intelligence

    New buzz words are always going to capture the attention of the industry – but that does not mean they’re only based on hype. Brands who want to make an impression on consumers need to fully understand their target groups, from preferences to behaviour. Up till this point, the industry has relied on what has been referred to as Social Listening. Digital Consumer Intelligence (DCI) is simply the next step in the evolution of this methodology.

    As computing power increases and new techniques for gathering data (both manually and automated) emerge, we will likely see tighter integration of all the data that these processes collect. Ultimately, this will generate the possibility to conduct deeper analysis. But, as with any automatic data gathering, they need oversight and input from human analysts to prevent audiences from becoming mere data points in the quest for the ‘ultimate’ campaign. Without the human touch from analysts, the humanity of the audience is lost and their interactions turned into buttons to push to achieve the desired response.

    An over-reliance on the digital aspect of Consumer Intelligence often strips nuance from local markets on the data gathering side and also prevents campaigns that truly have organic growth potential on the planning side. So, while DCI offers fantastic potential to gauge the nature of an audience, without responsible application at the campaign level, it also serves to strip the human idiosyncrasies from the data and humanity from the intended audience.