• mooglemania posted a reply to TeDeV on ?The Ultimate Live Streaming Den! 4 years, 8 months ago

    ?The Ultimate Live Streaming Den!

    you’re all just listing shit you saw on youtube videos, aren’t you? I’ve seen this video too. You should definitely not do that. First of all, that was concrete tiles or whatever in the video, not wood, second, that guy probably owned that house, and didn’t just rent a space for ‘work’, and thus had more leniency. As nice as his tennants are I doubt they’ll approve of him ripping floors up. And last, the whole point of LED’s is emphasis. Why would you want to put emphasis on the floor? He’s already putting LED’s elsewhere, and they’re ok for a bit of ‘notice me’ here and there but when you start putting it everywhere it loses all meaning. Plus considering he’ll put furniture down on the floor, so a good chunk of those LED’s will be covered in the first place, that whole idea become a waste of time.