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    ?The Ultimate Live Streaming Den!

    Ok here’s my ideas, all in one post.
    First the tv.
    position: Put it on the wall opposite the entrance, that way you can glimpse it from outside if need be and really because it’s the best spot for it, and the only free wall that isn’t slanted.
    (since we’re all showing off what random gizmo videos we’ve seen I’ve thrown these in)
    I don’t think technology has advanced enough for you to get one of these
    and you don’t have the room for this

    so you’ll have to settle for something like this to pizzazz with

    Everyone’s suggesting you get a mini fridge but you don’t really have the real estate for that sort of thing, so my suggestion is go for multi-purpose pieces.
    This coffee table for example which functions as not only a place to place your beverages, but a place to cool them, store your video game remotes and stuff AND has built in bluetooth speakers, AND 2 USB phone charging ports and 2 charging ports.
    And you don’t have to get your roll of LED’s out because it comes with built in LEDs too.

    Alternatively you can get a touch screen coffee table, such as this one, which comes with Win 10, which means you can run steam on it and play your games straight on the table or use it to get steam on your tv without purchasing a steam box.

    I don’t recommend this one as much because apart from looking good and being a bit of fun to fiddle with, it’ll burn a hole in your pocked and provide you with a coffee table that you can’t really use as a coffee table and with your limited space that seems like a deal breaker. You need storage and shelves are not a good idea with the ceiling you have in there (people will keep bumping their heads against your shelves), so the only way to really compensate for that would be a couch with lots of storage.
    this an extreme example

    The answer may be as simple as a few drawers on wheels placed under the couch, or a table placed behind the couch. You could easily reach around the couch and grab a remote off this

    or this

    Little things, Lights etc.:
    As for the console tables, you could get a couple of fancy custom controller stands to put your controllers up on display and spruce up the place. You can grab some here

    or diy one like these (this one looks really nice. If you use wood that matches the wooden support beams in the room or the wall colour it’d be sweet)

    VR is kinda overrated and you don’t really have the room for it. But projectors never go out of style. Mount one off the ceiling for movie nights. Or just plug it into your smart coffee table or whatever. And point it towards your slanted wall and chill.
    Break up the colors of the room by throwing in some plants here and there. The beam going across the floor on the wall I said you should put the tv is practically begging to be decorated with teeny tiny little planters. The green will make the wood look more genuine and earthy and homey than it did before, and it’ll break up all of that white in a nice way.
    Since you have the tv opposite the door, a good thing would be to put some LEDs or something along the other two walls to act as sort of leading lines and focus your attention towards the television. Maybe on the floor beams or under the ceiling beams or even across the center of the wall, you can create a visual guide that literally points towards the main point of interest in the room.
    as for cooling try a bladeless fan. Air conditioners are great but there’s no place for the water to drain or the pipe thingy to go out of that room, so try one of these. Position it in the front of the room, that way it extrudes cold air towards you and out the room, the heat dissipating outward and upward, while the cold stuff sinks down to the office room.