• ?Internet Speeds

    About 19 down 1 up on Vodafone in South West Wales. It ok but slow when downloading big games.

  • ?GoPro

    My favourite mount for my GoPro Entry Level Hero is the Official GoPro Handle that floats. This is my favourite mount because it’s great for any situation especially when I go on holiday to a place with a swimming pool. I would love to win the GoPro hero 5 as my entry level GoPro hero is old now and the quality isn’t that good. Good luck to…

  • ?Mega Giveaway – Phantom and Alexa

    You should giveaway some cool setup items like led strips, Phillips hue lights, USB hubs, monitors and anything you would find in a setup!

  • ?Amazon Echo

    I think it looks amazing and I might get the echo dot for my birthday, my favourite feature is the ability to control wifi plug switches and Phillips hue that looks amazing!

  • ?Remaking the Ultimate Setup

    I have a few recommendations for your setup which I think would be epic!

    1. Maybe you should put an LED strip behind your monitor so they would look cool.

    2.Make a voice over studio in the PC room and use it for things like main channel videos for example your new setup series.

    3. Get an amazon Echo or echo dot and link it with your Phillips…

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