• Mossin’ Annie posted a comment on ?Game of Thrones 2 years ago

    ?Game of Thrones

    Winter has come and the war has truly begun… but before the wall came melting down, lots of plots and action-packed scenes. I had a feeling the Stark sisters would stand by each other despite previous bickering and overtones of animosity. No more Little Finger. No surprise about Daenerys and Jon given all the looks hinting of intimacy. I was surprised that the ice dragon still spouted fire… I thought it would be ice… sure was an effective tactical advantage to melt the wall. Cerceis is really an “ice” queen in her own way but at least she didn’t kill Tyrian. Jamie defies her to keep his word but she didn’t kill him either. Bet, he fights side by side Brianna. I just don’t know about Bran. Great season finale! I’ll be anxiously waiting for next season.