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    ?What Rank are you and Why (In League)

    I am currently Bronze 3 and climbing fast. I just started dipping my toes into ranked and got placed Iron 1, a few games later here we are. I can not truly say where I belong in the ladder, since I haven’t peaked yet, but I do believe i will continue to climb. Maybe/hopefully at least to high silver this season, then up and up. However, one thing I believe to be holding me back is my champion pool. I only play two champions well, Teemo and Neeko (I play top and mid). I have other champions under my belt however those are my strongest. I think if I can improve with one or two more in each lane it would greatly help, but that comes with time and experimenting. I will get better and as will anyone else here you just have to identify your weaknesses and work on them. When I peak and re-evaluate some games I’ll update :)