• MySatellite posted a comment on ?LoLPreSeason2020 1 month ago


    I really want to know the cdr of new cloud and if it will stack. could we end up with a team getting 4 cloud, 40cdr, presence of mind and ulti hunter for an 100% cooldown ult? Also, it was glanced over in the video but i think the bush changes are MUCH more substantial then thought. On the ocean pit, blue side could ward into that bush and have it not be seen by ppl in pit, lots of blue wards will be bought i believe. Also the bush near blue buff on blue side near baron is going to be GAME CHANGING for baron vision. imagine you are red side trying to start baron, you ward over the intersection near blue buff but there is a blue side control ward in that bush, now if you want vision of that intersection, you will have to step through into the bush to clear it, making you incredibly vulnerable, so you just leave it and now blue has a much safer path into baron. Lastly on the XP changes, midlane already gets a 1-2 level advantage over bot by the time they are level 6, will that now change to 2-3 and we get consistent tp ganks with a lvl 4 bot vs a midlane with ult who has already backed once and bought? Im very excited to see how high levels take advantage of these new features and how much it will shift the meta.