• NatNotNoob posted a comment on ?YourLeagueHotTake 5 months, 1 week ago


    I feel like with a lot of the balance changes that are going around, some champions begin to dominate the meta for long periods of time (i.e Riven, for a recent example) and because of their overwhelming strength, they don’t have many counters, and their only counters tend to be high cost champions, so that the amount of people that play the counter or even the abusive champion themselves are low. It seems that to win, players require either owning the champion when its meta comes out, or spending all their BE/RP to keep up with the shifting meta. This is especially prominent with lower elo and newer players who obsess over meta champions, because the concept of skill over meta is so far out of reach in other popular games, especially games that don’t update as often as League. To them, regardless of how hard Riven may be to learn, because she is so dominant, it’s worth the 5/10$ to get her and abuse her in ranked for 1-3 patches.