• ?Best place in the world to travel for sightseeing!

    India is a great place, I’ve been many times but still haven’t explored the best parts of it. The history there is unbelievable!

  • ?Artificial Intelligence

    A.I is both have its benefits and disadvantages, benefits in medicine, smart homes and cyber security. On the other hand it definitely needs to be strictly regulated and include universally standardised protocols to protect the tech systems and people directly impacted by the use of it.

  • Navdeep Pandher posted a comment on ?Steam 2 years ago


    Great platform for gamers and content sharers, sales have been not so good in my opinion but still one of the best platforms out there.

  • Learning more and more about Photoshop, it will definitely let me put the finishing touches to my adventure vlogs. I have seen many people over do it with Photoshop and distort the quality of their photography.

  • ?Nintendo Switch

    Played Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at a mates house and was stunned, never got into the Nintendo games consoles, but this in my opinion is a must buy.

  • Navdeep Pandher posted a reply to MarzBar on ?GoPro 2 years ago


    I filmed and included a time lapse video of me and my friends driving in whinlatter, Lake District. I held the camera in the passenger seat until i used the suction mount to mount it to the dashboard, it was awesome.

    Planning to do a few more treks/climbs this year along with a trip to Australia to do so much more, a go pro is so ideal as they…[Read more]

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