• ?What is your Season 10 Ranked Goal

    Personally would love to reach Gold, but realistically would just love to get higher than Silver IV. Thinking Silver I is a good goal.

  • ?LoLPreSeason2020

    Also as someone who enjoys playing support, I wonder how the “Tier 3- gold generation passive removed” will effect things. Will it mean we have to start farming minions like everyone else? Pretty sure my ADC will be flipping out if I try.

  • Nbird13 posted a comment on ?TFTFeedback 11 months ago


    Haven’t got to play it yet myself, but honestly can’t wait to give it a shot when I can. I also hope Riot is going to keep updating it and expanding it with more champions/items/cosmetics/ect. ^_^

  • ?WhatRankAreYouAndWhy

    Silver 4. First season trying out ranked and got to Silver 4 after placements. Played a few ranked games afterward but not many. Not trying to climb all that hard and mostly been playing Normals (usually with a friend) and overall just playing for fun.

    There’s a lot of things I need to improve I feel if I want to get a higher rank. Remembering…[Read more]

  • ?QuestionToAskLoLDeveloper

    Will old skin related game modes (Such as Invasion, Dark Star: Singlarity, Odyssey, ext.) ever make a return? Such as in Rotation or in Customs?

  • ?LoLRating

    Never played ranked before. I love playing the game and I’ve always wanted to play ranked just to see what my skill level actually is but always been too nervous to give it a go. While I’ve been playing on and off a couple of years, I wouldn’t call myself a decent player. I only tend to play a handful of champions and all of them on the same role:…[Read more]

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