• Nic Donohue posted a comment on ?Questions for Riot Developers 7 months ago

    ?Questions for Riot Developers

    So I have this idea about role positions for ranked matches. I would like to see an button next to the summoner name during champ select that has your position. Then players would have the opportunity to request a role swap (as this often happens in champ select) by selecting the button of the role they would like to trade. There would need to be a double authentication to unwanted role swaps less likely. Similar to champ swaps, after the initial decline the person cannot ask again for the same role. This way, League could be certain of each players’ role position. It would also open up the opportunity to balance support items by only allowing those in the support position to purchase them. Support items are the hardest to balance because they need to be gold efficient for supports while not being overpowered. Over the last few years, I have seen multiple patches where support items become first items for solo laners.